4 Tips To Consider When Buying Jewelry

ewelry pieces range from watches to earrings. When you buying the units you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Always get the help of a professional

When you are doing something for the first time you are bound to make mistakes. Most women don’t have a problem asking for help but when it comes to men, it’s a completely different issue. I’m sure you have come across men who drive in circles for hours when they don’t know the direction of a place but they don’t ask anyone to direct them. This shouldn’t be you. Pieces of jewelry are usually expensive and when you buy the wrong unit you stand losing a lot of money. If it’s your first time making the purchase you should get the advice of a professional to help you pick the right quality of jewelry.

Take time to research

Just as you wouldn’t buy a car blindly, you shouldn’t go jewelry shopping when you don’t know anything about the pieces that you want to buy. To be on the safe side you should take your time to research about the different types of jewelry and the metals used in making them. You should also learn how to tell the different qualities.

Pre-shop for the pieces

Most women love shopping but this isn’t the case with men. To buy a high-quality unit at the lowest cost you should always pre-shop. Here you need to visit a number of your local jewelry stores and see what they have to offer. You should research the different prices offered by the different stores and settle on the best. By pre-shopping, you will have an easy time when making the actual purchase.

Paying a lot of emphasis on price

While it’s true that quality comes at a price you shouldn’t pay a lot of emphasis on it as there are some high-quality jewelry pieces that don’t go at exorbitantly high prices. When you are making the purchase, you should tell the jeweler what you are looking for and your price range. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t buy a unit that will dry your finances. At the same time, you shouldn’t buy a unit that is too cheap that people can tell that it’s of poor quality from a mile away.


The key to buying the right piece of jewelry is getting the help of a professional, pre-shopping before making the exact shopping, and taking your time to research. To increase your chances of buying a high-quality unit always buy from a reputable store.

Necklace Buying Tips

Are you looking for the prefect necklace? If so, you are on the right page. As far as necklaces are concerned, you can choose from pearl strands, diamond necklaces, pendant necklaces or gemstone necklaces. With a bit of research, you can easily get your hands on the neckwear that is ideal for you. Given below is a description of different types of necklaces. Hopefully, it will help you make the selection with ease.

Pendant Necklaces

As far as necklaces are concerned, pendant necklaces is on the list of most popular necklaces. These necklaces are so popular that they are sold separately. On jewelry websites, you can find a separate category for these necklaces. Pendants are available in different styles and shapes, such as classic diamond solitaires, hearts and crosses. So, what is the difference between a necklace and a pendant? The different is that a pendant is a type of necklace where you can remove the chain.

Pearl Strands

Pearl strand is another popular type of necklaces. Pearls are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, lengths and prices. Therefore, you can find the pearls that are ideal for you. A pearl necklace can be found in different sizes, such as 16-inch chocker type and a 32 inch opera type. You can put them on as a dramatic or strand. Or you can wrap it around your neck, which will give you a stylized look. Pearls can baroque or round. They could be oblong or textured shape. Aside from this, they are available in a variety of colors like grey, pink and white.


Necklaces can be found in a lot of styles, such as a simple chain, a cascading diamond and a gemstone piece. Often, a necklace is an ornament where each element is attached to another, which makes necklaces different from other types of jewelry.

You should know your jewelry box. It is important to know that if you already have a strand of pearls, you may not be interested in another type of strand. Actually, they are timeless pieces and will not be rejected down the road. So, if you need a necklace that will stand the test of time, this is the one that you should go for.

You should know your fashion style as well. If you are bold and want to put on lots of colors, you may want to go for a statement gemstone necklace, as it will be the best choice for you. If you want to keep your look simple, you may want to go for a heart pendant or a timeless diamond.

So, if you have been looking for a good looking necklace for you, you may want to consider the tips given in this article. The thing is that necklaces won’t break the bank, especially if you already know where to buy them. By spending a few dollars, you can get the one you like without hurting your pocket.

How to Buy Diamond Jewellery Online OR Offline

Your jewellery collection is incomplete without diamond jewellery. The sparkling diamonds are good for all occasions – social gatherings, a dinner date, evening out with friends, and even a day at the office. Diamond jewellery will never go out of style, and that’s the best part. So, you can safely make this investment, whether it’s a classic stud, an elegant drop earring, exquisite solitaire ring, a gorgeous diamond pendant, or a bracelet.

But before you go out to make that first purchase of diamond jewellery, you should know about the 4Cs of diamonds.

Tips to Buy Diamond Jewellery – The 4C Guide

The best diamond jewellery is a premium product, and it’s good to stay informed about the 4Cs of diamond. After all, we don’t buy diamond jewellery every day!

If you didn’t know already, the 4Cs are

· Cut

· Colour

· Clarity

· Carat

1. Cut

This is the most important factor you must consider when buying real diamond jewellery. That’s because, it is the cut that determines the brilliance of your diamond. Simply put, the better the cut, the more it will sparkle. Gemologists suggest that you should always go for the best cut grade within your budget.

When your diamond is well-cut, light will enter it from the table and travel to its pavilion. It will seem as if your diamond is shining from within and reflecting light back to your eyes. But in a poorly-cut diamond, light seems to be leaking out from the bottom and sides. If it has been cut poorly, your diamond may seem to be dull, even if it has perfect colour grade and clarity.

2. Colour

This is the second most important factor that determines the quality and diamond jewellery price. It’s important to know that colourless diamonds are the best ones because they allow the maximum refraction of light or sparkle. So look at the lack of colour when you are buying diamond jewellery online or otherwise. The more colourless a diamond is, the better will be its quality.

The colour is graded on a scale of D to Z. Diamonds between D and F is colourless, and those between G and J are near-colourless.

3. Clarity

Rarely will you find a perfect diamond because almost all of them have inner flaws that occur during their formation process. The number of these flaws, their size, and how visible they are determine the clarity of a diamond.

These imperfections are sometimes called inclusions. Diamonds with the highest clarity grades have the smallest and least inclusions. Go for an eye-clean diamond, which means the inclusions cannot be seen with the naked eye.

4. Carat

Carat weight is the most misunderstood aspect of a diamond. Many believe it refers to the size, but actually this is a measure of the diamond’s weight. One carat is one-fifth of a gram or 0.20 g.

So don’t always go for size. Bigger is not always better. A well-cut diamond with good clarity and colour, but one that is smaller in size could very well be better than a larger stone that has mediocre clarity, cut, and colour.

There’s no dearth of good diamond jewellery in India. But make sure to check out the 4Cs before you buy diamond jewellery – cut, colour, clarity, and carat.

Diamond Grading Certificate- the 5th C

Yes, a diamond Grading Certificate is often called the fifth C for diamonds. It is an evaluation by a third-party and thus independent report about the quality of diamond and all the 4Cs. So, ask for grading report when buying a diamond. Some of the well known grading agencies are- Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gemological Society (AGS), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), Diamond High Council (HRD), International Gemological Institute (IGI), International Confederation of Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls, and Stones (CIBJO).

Know the Diamond Seller well

As you will be investing a lot of money to buy diamond jewellery, research extensively about the jeweller or the online diamond store. For how long they are in business? What does the reviews of company say? is their transaction secure? Are the online sales representatives helpful? What is their return policy? Are they members of jewellery industry groups and professional associations? Answers to such questions will help you buy authentic diamonds from a trusted jeweller.

If you keep all the above points in mind while buying diamond jewellery, there’s no reason why you should not get an authentic real diamond.

Jewellery Shops – How to Find the Best Quality Jewellers

Purchasing jewellery is an investment. Whether it is a diamond ring, an engagement ring, a striking necklace or stunning earrings, it is important that quality is assured. There are more and more jewellery shops appearing and it is important that you are equipped with the following knowledge. This will enable you to select the most appropriate local specialist for your individual requirements.

It is vital that your chosen jeweller offers the following elements. This effectively provides a guide to finding the best jeweller in your area. This will inevitably provide you with a superior purchase and service.

Firstly, it is important to select a jeweller that can offer a range of services. They should have the ability to purchase items, to refit them and even repair items that have been damaged. The ability to offer this range of services means that they care deeply about the products that they sell. It also means that you will have identified a specialist who will support your ongoing jewellery needs.

Secondly, it is vital that the Company have a showroom. This will enable you to browse their extensive range of jewellery. There should be a variety of pieces that are tailored to fit varying budgets.

Thirdly, the shop that you select should have individuals that are able to offer detailed advice when selecting your pieces. This service should be friendly and professional. Purchasing jewellery can often be a large investment so time and advice should be offered without exception.

Fourthly, it is important to ensure that your selected Company has a website. It is likely that top-quality shops will have the provision of an online store. This enables you to peruse their pieces at your leisure and will offer assurance in relation to quality and prices. A positive online presence offers further confirmation as there are many opportunities for other individuals to review any Company.

Fifthly, if there is a provision to purchase online individuals should have the opportunity to select a payment method that is best-suited to them. Your chosen shop should have easily identifiable contact details with a range of methods. You should always be able to make contact with the staff and any queries should be answered quickly and comprehensively.

Lastly, it is important that you select a shop that is well-established and can show evidence of their experience. When making contact with your chosen outlet, take the opportunity to speak with them in length. You will get a good sense of their ethics and business practice in the way that they deal with your enquiry.

The above information has been formulated to support any individual towards finding the highest-quality local jeweller. Once you have satisfied all of the above points it is likely that you will have confidence in your purchase. Quality jewellers will look to offer support whatever your budget and will inevitably offer a superior all-round service.

Tips To Consider When Buying Jewelry

Whether you are buying a watch, necklace, bangle or any other piece of jewelry you should observe a number of tips for you to buy the right one. Some of these tips include:

Expensive isn’t always better

High price is usually associated with high-quality units, but this isn’t always the case with jewelry. Just because a given piece is expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best. The unit might be expensive but unpleasing to the eye. While it’s good to buy a good quality unit, it’s also important to consider how the unit looks like. As rule of thumb, go for a piece that is of high quality and also looks good.

Undertake thorough research before making the purchase

Good quality jewelry doesn’t come cheap. When you buy the unit, you will stay with it for a long time thus develop an emotional attachment. Due to this, it’s important that you take your time before making the purchase. Before you head to the stores, always take your time to read more about the jewelry. You should understand the 4 Cs and the different types of metals used in making the jewelry. You should also know the factors you should consider when buying the units.

Buy from a reputable jeweler

Just like when buying any other product, where you buy your jewelry greatly determines the type of jewelry you will have. To buy a high-quality unit, buy from a reputable store. Since pieces of jewelry are expensive, there are some unscrupulous business people that might try selling you low-quality units posing them as top notch units. To avoid getting scammed you should do your research and only buy from stores with great reviews. This applies both online and offline.

Consider your taste preferences

Price is an important factor to consider when you are buying the jewelry but you should also pay attention to your taste. We are all different thus like different products. To be content with your purchase you should buy a unit that you love. When buying, pay close attention to your allergy. Most people are known to be allergic to certain metals. For a great experience, buy a unit that you aren’t allergic to.


These are tips that you should consider when buying jewelry for yourself or for a loved one. For the unit you buy to last for a long time you should take good care of it. This calls for you to clean it properly. You should also avoid wearing it in areas where it can be destroyed.